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Barlow & Barlow are one of the few London design practices to offer a comprehensive lighting and decoration service. Max Barlow devises high-end, custom schemes on both an intimate and commercial scale. With a vocational grounding at the industry’s leading specialists, John Cullen Lighting, Max has created lighting for some of the world’s most extraordinary spaces. For him, lighting is an interior’s secret weapon – the simplest route to a room with warmth and ambience.

Barlow & Barlow’s lighting service ensures that the lighting plan is conceived in complete accord with an interior’s scheme. With his eye for detail and keen sense of proportion, Max’s signature designs consider heritage, style and practicality using lighting to show off a space to dazzling effect. From wall-lights and pendants to lamps, Max’s bespoke lighting is informed by his appreciation of the neoclassic period. Max’s lighting services are available as an independent consultant or in tandem with the Studio’s interior design services.