Our Process


Having an offering that is truly end-to-end, we need to ensure that our process is smooth, thorough and efficient throughout, from brief to install. Great results cannot be achieved without truly understanding the needs and dreams of our clients, so we ensure to dedicate the time up front to form a tight brief, that will act as the key reference point throughout the whole project.


It’s all in the brief. We will hold on-site consultations at the property and also work with you to finalise the perfect brief. It is so crucial to us that both the studio and the client are aligned on all aspects of the project, especially key elements such as timeline and budget.


Of course it is our duty to bring the brief to life, but we always want to push the boundaries to create something truly unique and spectacular for our clients. We have a classic and contemporary approach and have a strong respect and understanding of architecture, from a historical and academic point of view. Our clients can be as involved as they like throughout the design phase and we wont move forwards into the next stage until everyone is truly in love with what we have created.


The devil is in the detail. Our expert team cover all aspects of technical development, from both an architectural and bespoke furniture perspective. Having this in-house practical knowledge, means that we can create truly one-off spaces and pieces that will make truly reflect the dreams and personalities of our clients.


We are with you until the end. Our specialist Project Management team will be on hand to take you through every stage of the process, from taking the brief to handing over the keys. We will oversee all structural and build works, sourcing all furniture and installing every feature perfectly on location. We want to ensure that your vision and our designs are perfectly manifested in the space, which is why we have developed our end-to-end service in-house.