Our Services


In 2013 we started specialising in interiors and lighting and have since brought on-board expertise such as interior architecture and landscape design, so that we can work with our clients from the front gate to the back garden. We want to bring a sense of Barlow&Barlow to every aspect of our clients properties, therefore we needed to build a team and service offering capable of doing exactly so.

Interior Design

At Barlow&Barlow, it is all about pushing the boundaries of design and creating something that is unique to our client’s individual style and personalities. We want our spaces to delight and surprise anyone who enters them, it is all about delivering that ‘wow’ moment. Each design is completely bespoke and tailored to that specific property and client. We carefully create custom furniture and source unique pieces, that will elevate the core architectural design framework to a new level.

Interior Architecture

Having Architectural services in-house means that Barlow&Barlow can get involved with projects much earlier in the process. We are able guide our clients through the structural development of a property, so that we can have the most influence on the true experience inside the space. We have a unique respect and understanding of architecture from a historical and academic point of view, thus allowing our designs to work harmoniously with their natural surroundings.

Lighting Design

Barlow & Barlow’s lighting service ensures that our lighting plans are conceived in complete harmony with an interior’s scheme. Our lighting designs consider heritage, style and practicality, ensuring we truly show off and highlight the key features of the space. Attention to detail and a true sense of proportion is everything and we know that when the lighting is right, you can completely transform a space from ‘nice’ to ‘spectacular’.

Landscape Design

We believe that bold design, colour, beauty and fun should touch every element of our projects and the garden is no different. The Barlow&Barlow experience should carry throughout the property and we would not want a visitor to leave a warm, highly designed living area, into a cold dull outside space. Playing with plants, colours, furniture and other unique garden features, mean we can deliver those same ‘wow’ moments regardless of whether you are inside our outside.